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MacService is an independent, family owned and run business specialising in the support and maintenance of Apple Macintosh computers, based in the historic village of Biot, on the French Côte d’Azure close to the Italian border. We are ideally placed to provide remote and hands-on support to clients all over Europe.

With over 40 years experience of the IT industry and the Apple Macintosh platform in particular, we are part of a huge network of highly experienced companies and individuals which can provide solutions to any challenges that may come about; never has a problem arisen to which a timely solution could not be provided.

MacService has in-depth experience of all the applications and environments in which the Mac is the preferred solution.

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+33 9 81 82 70 82


+33 6 76 66 99 57

+44 7770 960632

711 Chemin Saint Julien

Villa Calypso

Biot 06410



I use a MacBook Pro and an iPhone which are both always to hand.  The consequence of that was I didn’t need an iPad... but I bought one anyway!....


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