The New iPad



On an everyday basis, we use a MacBook Pro 15” and an iPhone.  They are always at hand so I couldn’t justify an iPad.  I wanted one, but I couldn’t justify it.

When the iPad was launched, I have to admit, I just didn’t get it.  There was nothing I couldn’t achieve with my existing kit that the iPad could.

I still can’t justify the iPad but now I get it, so I got one.

If it’s the only piece of computing equipment you’ll have, to put it bluntly, its amazing and you can achieve everything a full blown computer can that the average user would need.

The concept of the ‘App Store’, whilst being a little ‘Big Brother-ish’ is a good one - just don’t give your App Store password to anyone; if something needs downloading and installing, enter the password yourself.

Using the ‘folders’ feature for Apps keeps the iPad’s user interface nice and neat.

Wish list for future releases - the ability to make mobile calls through a headset would be nice as would an SD card slot although this feature can be added via the use of a connector that plugs in the charging socket.